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Bet on NHL Hockey

Hockey may be the ultimate blood sport, but it�s also one of the most popular ones for betting. And if you want to bet on NHL hockey, then there is no better place to do it than at We are simply the best damn sports betting site on the web and we are determined to be your one stop destination when you want to place a bet on your favorite hockey teams. Here�s why we�re the best:

Why Bet on NHL Hockey at

Yeah, you could use a bookie to bet on NHL hockey. You could also fly down to Reno and place bets while visiting bad Elvis impersonators and listening to their performances. However, if you really want to make money when you bet on NHL hockey and you want to do it consistently, you need to do it online. There is no easier or more effective way of betting on hockey and all your favorite sports than to do it online, from the comfort of your own home. It�s simple, effective and secure, much more so than talking to some guy named Big Nick who will take your bets but that�s about it.

Stats, Picks and More

Look, we�re not saying you can�t bet on NHL hockey with your favorite bookie. We�re just saying that it doesn�t make sense to do so. Ultimately, you�ll make more money by using an online sports betting site like ours because we offer so much more than you�ll ever get from a bookie. For example, we provide a list of daily picks which often beat the odds. We also provide you with all the stats about your favorite teams so that you know which ones are favored by the smart money in the competitions that are taking place this week.

Great Customer Service

Big Nick�s customer service consists of agreeing not to break your legs if you pay on time. Our customer service by comparison is professional and courteous. We�re available 24/7 via e-mail and we get back to you quickly in order to ensure that you get the very best service available. We�re committed to being your number one site to bet on NHL hockey online and as such, we�ll make sure to provide you with quality service so that you�ll want to come back again and again. Try to get that kind of commitment from the neighborhood bookie � go on, we dare you.
Sign Up Bonus
We also offer our customers a sign up bonus which is simply amazing. We�ll double your money instantly the moment you make your initial deposit to your account (new customers only). It�s just one more way we�re committed to showing you that we�re the very best sports betting site online and the only one you�ll ever want or need to deal with. We work with you to help you place bets on every major sport and we won�t stop doing everything we can to make sure you love us for everything, including placing a bet on NHL hockey.