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Disconnection and Cancellation Policies

What happens if I am disconnected during a game?

If you are disconnected during a game, the software will try to connect you again and put you straight back into the game. If you have reconnected before your hand has timed out, then you can continue playing. However, if your hand does time out before you can reconnect you will automatically be put all-in. More details can be found in our Disconnection Policy.

I am having Game Speed and/or Connection Issues

To resolve this matter please try implementing the following measures to allow your computer and connection to cope better;

  • Click the "settings" button in the software.
  • Click on the "Window" tab and select "Lobby Window". This will open all new tables and games within the Bet on USA Lobby window and will save resources.

If you still find that you are experiencing poor performance then;

  • Click the "settings" button then click the "performance" tab and slide the button further towards the "performance" side until you find that the software is running more smoothly.

If all of these measures fail try turning off any other programs that are running in the background. Also, running instant messenger programs and downloads/streaming audio or video in the background can increase lag in dial up and low-end broadband connections.

We also strongly recommend removing any adware and spyware from your computer. These are a common problem with using the internet, and can slow down even the fastest computers enough to affect your connection latency. A suggestion would be the spyware/adware removal program that Microsoft provides here, but there are many other free and commercially available removal products on the internet.

If nothing that has been suggested helps, contact your ISP's tech support department and find out if they are having issues in your area.

Disconnection Policy

The following terms and conditions, unless otherwise specifically stated by Bet on USA in writing, describe the rules and procedures that regulate all Players' rights in regards to disconnection and game cancellation:

  1. Disconnect Protection protects players in the event that their internet connection is lost while involved in a pot. If a player is disconnected and has Disconnect Protection available, the server will allow them to continue the hand by either marking them as "All In" for the amount they have contributed to the pot, or checking if the option is available.
  2. Disconnection Protection is not to be used for any other purpose besides a legitimate disconnection. Misuse of this policy, in any way, by intentional disconnection may result in; forfeiture of winnings, tournament disqualification, loss of Disconnection Protection or expulsion.
  3. The Bet on USA software has been designed to detect if a player has had a legitimate disconnection before implementing the Disconnection Protection. If a player gets "timed out" by simply not acting on their turn in order to try and get the Disconnection Protection, they will be folded.
  4. All Players must accept the risk of disconnection. If a disconnection occurs (they can and do happen), connect/log on and continue playing as soon as possible. At no time will Bet on USA assume responsibility for disconnections or disconnected players, regardless of cause. To help limit the risk of possible disconnections contact your ISP for advice.
  5. Bet on USA reserves the right to change and modify this policy and make final decisions on all matters herein at its sole discretion. Any policy changes and relevant information will be communicated through Bet on USA (electronic and/or written).
  6. Bet on USA reserves the right to make final decisions on all matters herein at its sole discretion. Decisions will be communicated through Bet on USA (electronic and/or written).

Community/Private Game Disconnect Protection:

  • Each player is limited to the use of 1 Disconnect Protection within a 24 hour period for live game play.
  • A Player may request for a Disconnect Protection reset by contacting support.

Tournament Game Disconnect Protection:

  • Disconnect Protection is not available for all Single-Table and Multi-Table tournaments. You will be folded if you lose connection and your blinds will be paid until you return.

Game Cancellation Policy

COMMUNITY/PRIVATE GAMES: Each player will be refunded back the exact amount of money he or she had at the start of the hand at the time of cancellation.

SINGLE-TABLE TOURNAMENTS: If a Tournament is cancelled because for technical reasons, any players who were eliminated prior to cancellation will lose their buy-in and entry fee. Remaining players will have their buy-in and entry fee refunded and will receive an equal share of the buy-in monies of the eliminated players. The eliminated players' buy-in monies is equally divided regardless of chip standing at the time of cancellation.

MULTI-TABLE TOURNAMENTS: If a Tournament is cancelled because for technical reasons, any players who were eliminated prior to cancellation will lose their buy-in and entry fee. Remaining players will be refunded:

  1. The prize money that would be awarded to the next eliminated player from the tournament will be awarded to all remaining players at the time of cancellation.
  2. Of the prize pool left after distribution according to point 1, 50% will be distributed equally between all remaining players and 50% will be distributed on a percentage basis according to chip count at the time of cancellation.
  3. The player's entry fee.

All use of Bet on USA is further governed by the Bet on USA Terms and Conditions of Use.

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