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About Us

Bet on USA is one of the most reputable gaming sites online today. Offering you everything from Sportsbook wagering, poker rooms, casino games, fantasy games, all to better accommodate you.

We make it a priority to understand every customers' need by controlling and operating our own technical and customer support staff in house, so we can serve you better and build a true honest relationship that you can always depend on anytime.

Bet on USA is the world leader in bringing you the finest quality of entertainment to your screen, with the largest selection of online games available in full 3D graphics and digital sound. along with all its classic casino games and Sportsbook wagers continue to strive being among the first in its class by gaining recognition worldwide for its dependable and experienced customer service staff and its security and honesty for fair play.

Bet on USA is fully licensed entitling it to offer sports betting, casino games, poker products and other games and proud to have members from all over the world. Furthermore, the company adheres to a strict code of behavior which prescribes rigorous standards with respect to security as well as a responsible attitude towards issues such as protection of minors or gaming addiction.

Bet on USA does more than meet the stringent conditions laid down by the license requirements, we go above and beyond.

You Can Bet With Us

Part of the fun of an online casino is the thrill of making a wager to win. You never know when you'll hit that big jackpot! When it comes to credit card transaction security and business legitimacy, you don't want to take any chances. The good news is that you can rest assured that making a transaction at will be safe. Read on to find out why:

Bet on USA maintains customer balances in cash, or cash equivalent, ensuring that 100% of each customers balance is available for immediate withdrawal. Deposits and withdraws at are made on-line in real-time and are on a secure system.

Personal Information Verification

All users must register with their full mailing address when creating an account at Bet on USA. Users found to have registered with a false name or mailing address are subject to having their account(s) locked.

Withdrawal Verification

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required before you can withdraw any funds from a site. It is a further step in securing that only you can access money in your account. This number will be sent via e-mail only, and this will happen immediately upon signing up.

Account Identifiers

Each account is identified by a unique account number which is generated automatically at the time the account is made. This account number cannot be changed.

Account Statements

Account statements may be reviewed on-line in real-time, 24 hours a day.

24-Hour Phone / E-mail Support

If for any reason you would like to discuss your account with one of our representatives, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Game Fairness

Bet on USA game algorithms have been thoroughly tested. The random number generator used in �s propriety software has been tested and found to conform with the results of similar games found in Atlantic City with respect to randomness and payout frequency in line with our license requirements. Any exceptions from Atlantic City rules and regulations are duly noted in our help files. A typical test of the current version of the random number generator involves a sequence of 300,000,000 (three hundred million) numbers. Furthermore, the random number generator is tested on an ongoing basis to ensure its continued fairness.

A typical test of each game at involves a sample size of between 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 bets. If the frequency of winning combinations and general payouts are within expectations, the game is passed to a Quality Assurance team of engineers who play the game (with the real gaming server) until they are sure that the game is flawless. Based on these tests, the algorithm for each game at has been found to be fair. Should you feel that the software is biased or unfair in any way, please contact our Technical Support/customer service team.