The CLUB CASH system allows customers to collect Comp Points based on the amount of their wagering activity - quite similar to the "comp" programs found in major land based casinos. Accumulated comp points may then be redeemed as Real Money Bonus.

The more you play, the more you earn!

Frequently Asked Questions


Club Cash FAQ's

What is Players Club?

Player's Club is the name of our rewards program where Comp Points are awarded just by playing on our site. Accumulated Comp Points can then be redeemed as Real Money Bonus and can be use in all casino games and sports book.

Unlike other 'Rewards' programs, there is no limit on how many Comp Points can be earned, or redeemed. Our advance system will automatically calculate the Comp Points based on your wagering activities.

How do I enroll in Player's Club?

Enrollment into Player's Club is automatic upon registering at Your Player's Club username and password will be the same as your player account.

How can I redeem Comp Points?

Simply login to the Cashier and click on the Rewards page then redeem your Real Money Bonus.

How long will it take to receive my reward?

Instantly! Once you redeem your bonus, it will be added to your Real Money account and can be use to all our casino games and sports book.

Comp points can be redeem at the end of each month.

Feel free to contact the customer support staff if you have any questions regarding the Player's Club program. Player's Club program is regulated by the and subject to change without prior notice.