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General Terms and Conditions

Participation in the online sports wagering, fantasy sports, casino games and pay for play tournament games (collectively the "Gaming System") is open to residents of legal age in a jurisdiction of residence, where the Gaming System is not prohibited. Employees of (the "Company"), its licensees, distributors, affiliates, and subsidiaries are not eligible to participate in the Gaming System. A person who participates in the Gaming System is hereafter called "Player" or "Customer."

By opening an account, use and reuse of such an account, participation in the Gaming System, or acceptance of any prize, Player represents, warrants and certifies all of the following:
  1. Player becomes party to the terms and conditions specified by and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions, including any revisions which may periodically take place. At least once a month, Player agrees to review the terms and conditions on the web site:
  2. games are fully licensed by the Government of Costa Rica, are subject to the laws and regulations of the Government of Costa Rica. The Costa Rica standard of regulation is largely consistent with that of the United Kingdom, though does more than meet the stringent conditions laid down by the Government of Costa Rica. Furthermore, the company adheres to the code of behavior defined by the Government of Costa Rica which prescribes rigorous standards with respect to security as well as a responsible attitude towards issues such as protection of minors or gaming addiction.
  3. Player fully understands the standards and laws, as such standards and laws relate to the Gaming System, of the community/legal jurisdiction where he/she is resident. Player has the complete and unrestricted legal right to participate in the Gaming System. Player's participation in the Gaming System is not prohibited by any government with proper jurisdiction.
  4. Player has reached the age of 18 or the legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction, whichever is greater.
  5. Player shall not allow any other person or third party; including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse Player's account, accept any prize, or participate in the Gaming System.
  6. Players are forbidden from creating multiple accounts. Multiple accounts with the same name, address or IP address shall be considered one and the same. If it is determined that multiple accounts have been created, reserves the right to confiscate any winnings incurred throughout the duration of the registered account(s) and all sports wagers will be void.
  7. Any applicable taxes and fees in connection with any awarded prize are the sole responsibility of Player. Prizes cannot be transferred, substituted, or redeemed for any other prize.
  8. Player's participation in the Gaming System is personal and not professional. reserves the right to limit steam plays and wise guy action including disabling the user's account and limiting payout.
  9. Player acknowledges that full freedom from errors or incompleteness is impossible to achieve with respect to computer software. Should Player become aware that the software contains an obvious error or incompleteness Player undertakes to refrain from taking any advantage whatsoever thereof. Moreover, promptly upon becoming aware of such error or incompleteness Player shall notify the Company in writing. Regardless of whether Player becomes aware of any such errors, shall not be held liable for payment of any sort which may become due as a result of software, administrative, hardware failure, faults, or technical difficulties.
  10. Should Player fail to fulfill his undertakings under this Clause, the Company, or anyone appointed by the Company, shall be entitled to full compensation for all costs, including costs for rectifying the software, that may be referred to the error or incompleteness in question and Player's omission to notify the Company.
  11. To maintain a high level of security to protect the Player's funds, the Company performs random security checks. The Player hereby accepts that the Company maintains the right to demand additional documentation in order to verify the Player as the cardholder in the event of a security check.
  12. Any dispute arising out of or relating to the Gaming, prizes, web site, client application, ;, and/or any e-commerce provider utilized shall be governed by the laws of Costa Rica, excluding choice of law principles.
  13. Players of are eligible to receive free bonuses from time to time, including a free bonus when signing up and for referrals. Said free bonuses, as to its amount and issuance, shall be subject to the discretion of and shall be non-transferable and non-refundable. Free Money can only be spent along with real money at a pre-determined ratio set by the casino and sportsbook manager. Please consult the bonus section of the site or contact customer support for specific bonus rules.
  14. The agreement between and the Player may be terminated by the Player at the Player's request. Or if deemed necessary reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the Player and .
  15. You are solely responsible for the security of your PIN and your password. Should you inadvertently let someone else know your password you shall contact immediately and change your password. Players are responsible for any unauthorized use of their account. In the event that a third party places a bet or is thought to have placed a bet, said bet shall be valid, whether or not the alleged third party had the prior consent or knowledge of the Player. Under no circumstances will any bet be cancelled for that reason. In the event that a Player suspects that a third party may have its password or username, the Player may at anytime ask that furnish the customer with a new password and username.
  16. Any amount withdrawn by the Player shall be forwarded to the Player within 7 days of the withdraw pending the results of satisfactory anti-fraud processes. Funds can be withdrawn via check, wire transfer or other methods that may be offered. We reserve the right to request additional forms of identification before sending a withdrawal. All deposits must be rolled over one time before any withdrawal requests are made. If a withdrawal is made before the Terms & Conditions are met, all withdrawals as well as any money earned by wagering will be forfeited.
  17. shall reserve the right to suspend or withdraw any game at its' absolute discretion.
  18. All personal details of all users will be held in confidence unless users agree to their identities and details being used for future publicity purposes.
  19. In the event of the cancellation of any game for any reason, will not be liable.
  20. will not be liable in the following scenarios:
    • in the event of force majeure
    • the failure of 's central computer system or any part thereof
    • for delays, losses, errors, or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or any other data transmission system
    • for any loss as a result of any act of God
    • for an outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism
    • for the acts of Government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent)
    • for fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout, or industrial action of any kind
  21. accepts no liability for any damages, which may be caused to the Player by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted over the Internet
  22. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire Agreement and understanding between and the Player. In the event of there being a discrepancy between the English language version of these Terms and Conditions and any other language version the English language version will be deemed to be correct.
  23. Withdrawal amounts greater than the maximum allowed will be divided up and sent on consecutive weeks until the total amount has been delivered.
  24. The player agrees that their account may be closed and account balances forfeited if such account has been dormant for over 12 months. This will be true even if such account contains current and correct information, making it possible for to contact the player.
  25. By registering for an account and/or participating in any tournament offered on the Site, you acknowledge that all information contained on the Site may be protected, in all forms and media, by one or more valid copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights, and that all such rights are owned by the Site. You may not modify, publish, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, or in any way exploit this information, except that you may download one copy for your personal, noncommercial home use only, provided you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices.
  26. By registering for an account, you agree that the Site may display your user name and tournament records. By accepting any prize from the Site, you agree to allow the Site to print, publish, broadcast and use, worldwide, in any media and at any time, your name, picture, voice, likeness, and/or biographical information for promotional purposes without additional compensation.
  27. If you send comments or suggestions, including, but not limited to, notes, text, drawings, or computer programs, to the Site, such submissions shall become, and shall remain, the sole property of the Site. No submission shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of the Site. The Site shall exclusively own all rights to, and shall be entitled to unrestricted use of, all such submissions without compensation to you.
  28. In the event a customer receives any bonus, comp or added account credit beyond their own deposits, customer agrees to wager an amount equivalent to the greater of: A. twelve times the amount of the actual comp or bonus, or B. four times the amount of the initial deposit that the bonus is based on. Additional bonus restrictions may apply - please consult with the disclaimer for the particular bonus or contact customer support.
  29. Within the account registration process, Company may offer an application designed for attempting to limit deposits made by Player within a particular time period, as determined by Player. As there are multiple options in which Player may make a deposit(s), no representations whatsoever are made as to the effectiveness of such application. Player therefore accepts sole responsibility for all deposits made with Company regardless of any pre-selected deposit limitation.
  30. Your deposit amount must be wagered at least once in either the Casino or Sportsbook: for Poker, one must generate at least 200 raked hands before a withdrawal can be requested.
  31. Bet on USA offers several different products to its customers. Customers may have restrictions placed on their play in specific products based on overall activity. Management's decision in this regard is final.
  32. Parlay Rules - Any one loss constitutes a loss. In the case of a two team parlay, a push reverts the parlay to a straight bet with the remaining selection. In the case of a push in a higher level parlay, the play reverts to the next lower level. For example, a 4 team parlay becomes a 3 team parlay, etc...Each distinct parlay is limited to a $150,000.00 maximum payout. A variety of selections can be included in a parlay: moneylines, game totals, bets against the spread. However, you can't parlay a bet the spread and a moneyline bet from the same event.
  33. BetonUSA reserves the right to suspend or close a player account at any time, at its’ sole discretion and without any explanation whatsoever where it believes that continuing a business relationship with the player can negatively impact our licensing and/or general regulatory obligations. BetonUSA may also suspend or close a player account at any time, at its’ sole discretion and without any explanation if it believes that any cheating or collusion has or may have occurred. That includes the possible use of automated, robotic, mechanical and electronic machines or instruments. Should a player account be suspended or closed, BetonUSA reserves the right to confiscate any and all funds still remaining in the account, cancel pending wagers and cancel scheduled withdrawals.

Sportsbook Specific

FREE Sportsbook Bet

Occasionally we will run a promotion that allows you to make a FREE wager on a specific event. From the lines page, place a wager on the event that has "Free Wager" listed in it's title. You are required to place the wager for exactly the amount listed, nothing more or less. In order to place this free bet, you need to have at least the amount of the wager already in your REAL money account.

When you place the wager, no money from your account will be deducted and if you win, your account will be credited with the winnings for that wager.

Example: The Free Bet is a $20 wager on the Miami/Dallas NFL game. You choose Miami -7 and place the $20 wager. You have $50 in your REAL money account so you are allowed to place this wager. Miami wins the game by 10 point and you win the bet. $20 was added to your REAL money account. If you lose, it doesn't cost you a penny. Bet on USA reserves the right to modify or end the actual bet or modify the bet amount at its discretion.

Fantasy Contests

Before any Fantasy winnings can be credited, accounts must have a zero balance with NO pending wagers or withdrawals; once credited, a 20 times rollover is required before a payout can be requested.

Casino Specific

Blackjack Tournament Terms and Conditions

Info: Online Blackjack Tournament. Earn a Top 3 ranking position and win your share of the Prize Pool.

Tournaments are 4 hours long (unless otherwise specified). Registered entrants can play anytime within this period. You can register as soon as the featured tournament is listed in the casino section under "Tournaments".

Registration ends 1 hour after start of tournament.

Tournament Objective: Accumulate the highest chip stack within the time allowed and the total allowed hands

Buy-in Amount, Starting Chip Amount, Min / Max Bets, Maximum Number of Played Hands or Spins will all be listed in the casino tournament section.

Example: If the Maximum Number of Played Hands is set to 100 Hands or Spins, but you feel that you have enough chips accumulated after only 75 hands, you can stop playing.
House Take: 10% of Total Prize Pool

Payout Structure:
1st Place: 50% of Prize Pool
2nd Place: 30% of Prize Pool
3rd Place: 20% of Prize Pool

Slot Tournament Terms and Conditions

Info: Online Slot Tournament. Earn a Top 3 ranking position and win your share of the Prize Pool.

Tournaments are 4 hours long (unless otherwise specified). Registered entrants can play anytime within this period. You can register as soon as the featured tournament is listed in the casino section under "Tournaments".

Registration Ends 1 hour after start of tournament.

Tournament Objective: Accumulate the highest chip stack within the time allowed and the total allowed hands

Buy-in Amount, Starting Chip Amount, Min / Max Bets, Maximum Number of Played Hands or Spins will all be listed in the casino tournament section.

Example: If the Maximum Number of Played Hands is set to 100 Hands or Spins, but you feel that you have enough chips accumulated after only 75 hands, you can stop playing.
House Take: 10% of Total Prize Pool

Payout Structure:
1st Place: 50% of Prize Pool
2nd Place: 30% of Prize Pool
3rd Place: 20% of Prize Pool

Games of Skill Specific Terms and Conditions

  1. The results of all tournaments offered within the Gaming System depend on the number and skill level of the players participating in such tournaments; precise odds of winning are therefore unavailable..
  2. Prizes are generally cash amounts which are deposited directly into winners' accounts. The cash value of prizes offered in Limited Entry Tournaments will be disclosed at the beginning of such tournaments. If a Limited Entry tournament has to close prematurely, such as for maintenance or technical problems, the prize for the tournament will be proportional to how full the tournament was at the time of closing. The cash value of prizes offered in Unlimited Jackpot Tournaments will depend on the number of participants participating in such tournaments, and will not be available until such tournaments have ended.
  3. The results and winners of each tournament offered within the Gaming System will be determined by . By registering and/or participating in any tournament, you agree to be bound by these determinations.
  4. In case of a malfunction or disruption of service for which the Gaming System is responsible that prevents you from completing a tournament in which you have begun to participate, the Company will, upon receipt of a refund request, refund the entry fee charged for that unfinished tournament only. The Company reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether it is responsible for any such malfunction or disruption. The Company reserves the right to limit your tournament play or terminate your account should The Company determine, in its sole discretion, that you have intentionally caused such a malfunction or disruption. The Company is not liable for any potential winnings from any unfinished tournament.

    games are played over the Internet which reaches virtually every country in the world. Some of these jurisdictions have not addressed the legality of Internet gaming, while some have specifically made Internet gaming illegal. In practical terms, it is impossible for to determine the state of the law in every country, state, and province around the world on an ongoing basis. Therefore, by clicking the "I agree" button, you are acknowledging that you have determined what the laws are in your jurisdiction, and that it is legal for you to place a bet via the Internet, and for to receive your bet via the Internet. Should there be any discrepancy in the legality of any transactions between yourself and , or any of it's affiliates, the matter shall be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction in the country of Costa Rica, which is where is incorporated and where it conducts business. Any matter to be adjudicated shall be determined utilizing the laws of Costa Rica.

    All bets with are considered to be placed and received in Costa Rica.

    All contractual issues between yourself and , or any of its affiliates, that are disputed, shall be resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction in the country of Costa Rica. All contracts shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Costa Rica.


Free 100% Signup Bonus

Simply make your first deposit and we'll automatically match 100% of your deposit - up to $1000.00. All bonus money given to you will be located in Free Money account.

20% Reload Tuesday and Thursdays

  • 20% of your reload deposit will be rewarded to your Free Money account. The minimum deposit to claim the reload bonus is $50 USD.
  • You will receive a reload bonus for every reload deposit you make. There is no limit to the number of times you can make a reload deposit.
  • Maximum combined bonus is $1,000.
  • Reload bonuses can be redeemed on deposits made on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 12:00AM ET to 11:59AM ET
  • Claimants have up to 7 days to claim their bonus.

What is FREE Money?

Free Money is the promotional currency used when crediting bonuses to player accounts. Free Money is converted to real money just by playing on our site, and never expires! Free Money can be earned when you make a deposit or through redeeming your Club Cash Points.

Casino / Sportsbook

As you play any of our casino games or wager on sports your Free Money balance will be used in tandem with your real money at a ratio of 29 to 1, for every $30 wagered $29 will be taken from your Real Money account and $1 from your Free Money account. No amount can be withdrawn from the Free Money account. All winnings are credited to Real money. For example, you deposit $250 and receive $250 in your Free Money account. You would wager $7500 to consume all your bonus money, only a 15x roll over on a 100% bonus! Free Money does not function on our mobile platform.


Free Money is automatically converted to Real Money based on Comp Points accumulation. You simply need to play poker and collect 250 Comp Points for each $1 of Free Money in your poker account. Free Money is converted in $10 increments and instantly added to your Real Money poker account. For example, if you transfer $100 to your Poker Free Money account, $10 will automatically convert to Real Money every time you accumulate 2500 Comp Points. This will happen 9 more times until the total the $100 is converted to Real Money.

The number of Comp Points you must earn to convert Free Money and awarded Real Money amounts can be found in the �Coupon/Free$� tab in the poker software.

*Once Free Money is transferred to your Poker Free Money account, that Free Money amount cannot be transferred out of the Poker Room. Please transfer only the amount of Free Money you would like to playthrough at the poker tables. You can transfer more Free Money to your Poker Free Money account once you have met the required playthrough for any current Free Money that is in your poker account.

** Free Money can not be used in Craps, Roulette and other games which allow opposite bets. Free Money is wagered at a ratio of 99 to 1 for all Blackjack games.

Please note that all bonuses and the rules of play for free money are offered at the discretion of the casino/sports management.

Real Money Match Bonus (Deposit Required)

You are entitled to a match bonus if you have received or been offered a Match Bonus Promotion. The Promotion Number will be in an Alphanumeric Form, i.e.: �ABC100�. The amount of the Match Bonus Percentage may vary depending on the offer you are claiming. To qualify for this bonus, you must deposit a minimum of $50. The maximum match bonus you can claim is $2,000.

Example: If you receive a 100% Real Money Match Bonus Code and you deposit $100, you will receive a $100 match bonus. All bonus money given to you will be located in your Real Money account.

The offer cannot be combined with other existing promotions. The promotion can only be claimed once. Bonus money can not be transferred to poker. All Real Money Match Bonus Promotions are for a limited time only. Roll over requirements may vary by promotion. Baccarat, Craps and Roulette do not apply towards the rollover requirements. Current balances cannot be withdrawn until the rollover requirements of any new match bonus has been completed. VIPs can contact their VIP Hosts at [email protected] for higher limits.



Privacy Policy

Bet on USA is committed to protecting your privacy. The Company uses the information collected about you to track your gaming system account and game play and to provide a more personalized game playing experience. Please read on for more details about the privacy policy.

When you participate in play for fun and play for free games, needs only to collect your email address. Collecting your email allows The Company to send you announcements and to invite you to participate in special offers and games..

When you participate in our for real money games, The Company needs your real name, email address, and mailing address. This allows The Company to allow you access to the games you wish to participate in and to reward prizes that you win or money that you withdraw from your account.

When you submit a bug, suggestion, complaint, question, request, or any other email correspondence, The Company asks for your email address so that you can receive a response.

If you win a prize or other promotional feature, The Company may ask for your real name, mailing address, and e-mail address so that you can be notified and arrange for delivery.

By registering for an account, you agree that may display your user name and game play records. From time to time, (and usually when you win a prize), The Company may ask you to voluntarily provide general demographic and other personal information for inclusion on the "Winners" page.

In addition, The Company also reserves the right to use the information collected to occasionally notify you about important functionality changes to the Web site, new services, and special offers you'll find valuable.

When you play games or access your account information, offers the use of a secure server. The secure socket layer (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to or sent to you. Furthermore, all of the customer data collected is protected against unauthorized access through the most up-to-date industry-standard security measures.

Bet on USA does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. The Company may release account information when The Company believes, in good faith, that such release is reasonably necessary to (i) comply with law, (ii) enforce or apply the terms of any user agreements or (iii) protect the rights, property or safety of , players, or others.

By using the Gaming System, you consent to the collection and use of this information by . If the privacy policy changes, those changes will be posted on this page so that you are always aware of what information is collected, how the information is used, and under what circumstances the information is disclosed.

Fraud, Money Dumping and Collusion

Bet on also has the right to hold any and all of a player's funds indefinitely if it is found that the player has been involved in fraudulent activity on Bet on . Fraudulent activity may include, but is not limited to, stolen credit cards, transfer of funds to other player accounts (chip dumping), forgery, and collusion.

"You may only use the Software in accordance with the rules posted on the site, as may be modified from time to time. In cases where disputes arise between players, you agree that judgments of are final, binding and conclusive in all matters. All taxes, duties and fees applicable in connection with any money or prizes awarded to a Player are the Player's sole responsibility. Violation of any policy or rule may result in suspension or termination of the player's account."

True Identity and One Account

"The name on your Account must match your true and legal name and identity and the name on your Account registration must match the name on the credit card(s) or other payment accounts used to deposit or receive monies in your Account. You are prohibited from holding more than one Account at . If you have more than one (1) Account or Accounts in different names, then you must contact us immediately to have your Accounts managed so that you only have one (1). If you have lost your Account name or password, please contact us for a replacement."

"All information provided by a player must be accurate and verifiable. If you have provided false information or are unable or unwilling to provide documentation to confirm your information, your account may be terminated and all activity within the account considered invalid."

Abusive or Offensive Language

"Abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated on the chat boards, Games, or otherwise by you on or with staff. Any violation of this policy will result in a suspension of playing privileges or such other action as may be reasonably required by to ensure compliance. In addition, you are not entitled to make untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging comments with regard to the 's operation in any media or forum."

Fraudulent Activities and Prohibited Transactions

"The Company has a zero tolerance policy towards inappropriate play and fraudulent activity. If, in 's sole determination, you are found to have cheated or attempted to defraud the Company or any other user of any of the Games in any way including but not limited to game manipulation or payment fraud, or if the Company suspects you of fraudulent payment, including use of stolen credit cards, or any other fraudulent activity (including any chargeback or other reversal of a payment) or prohibited transaction (including money laundering), the Company reserve's the right to suspend and/or close your Account and to share this information (together with your identity) to other online gaming sites, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies."


"You agree to hold , its employees, officers, directors, licensees, licensors, affiliates, and subsidiaries harmless and further agree to fully indemnify them from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of your breach of this Agreement. Moreover, you understand and agree that (without prejudice to your other rights and remedies) records shall be the final authority in determining the terms of your participation in the Games, the activity resulting there from and the circumstances in which they occurred."

Bonus Abuse

A Player or group of players working together in any fashion, also known as a syndicate, (to receive either eCash winnings or Activity bonuses) may only have one account in total, and any redundant accounts will be consolidated into the one account. An administration fee may be charged and payouts refused for each redundant account, at the discretion of . All wagering transactions in redundant accounts are subject to reversal at the sole option of Betting both sides of a single event for the purpose of circumventing the rollover requirements is not permitted. All wagers that include a favorite of -400 or greater will not count towards the rollover requirements. Wagers that result in a cancellation due to suspended events or the wager resulting in a push or no action will not count towards the rollover. also reserves the right to keep the principle of any wager placed in an attempt to defraud the house of any bonus monies, whether a party does this on their own or in collusion with other players or other sportsbooks. There is no obligation on behalf of to warn players or syndicates of this other than as explained here in the Player Agreement.

If you lose your account privileges with due to misrepresentation, fraud or purchase disputes, reserves the right to terminate your account and all transactions from the account in question may be immediately reversed at the sole discretion of Bet on USA.

From time to time, may run special promotions, contests, tournaments, and may establish rules and regulations governing the conduct of those promotions, contests, and tournaments. or a third party shall post these rules on the Internet, and the Customer Service Representatives of shall enforce the rules. Said promotions, contests, and tournaments may be cancelled or suspended at any time without notice by . In the event of an error or omission in the printed rules of a particular promotion, contest, or tournament, the decision of Management will be considered final and binding.

Bonus programs are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players or players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means may have bonuses revoked and be subject to further sanctions, at the discretion of management. Bonus abuse may be defined as (but not restricted to) clients cashing out for the purpose of re-depositing, or referring new accounts that they are using themselves. Sanctions may be in the form of increased rollover requirements or loss of bonus privileges altogether for the offending account as well as any linked accounts. Players will NOT be entitled to the reload bonus if they have made a withdrawal within the past seven days.

Bet on USA takes no responsibility for notifying winners other than to update the information available in the wager account summary statement.

Bet on USA reserves the right to refuse payment to anyone that is found to be party to any organized wagering syndicates dedicated to changing and manipulating the odds available at Bet on USA.

Bet on USA shall have the right to reject any wager or withdraw any game at its absolute discretion. will not be liable for any loss whatever arising from the cancellation of any game or sports wager, including any realizable or perceived loss, for whatever reason, and/or the chance to participate in Sportsbook, Casino and Poker's system. Furthermore, reserves the right to terminate any account at any time without reason.

At Bet on USA's option, a win may be subject to verification by an independent judging organization before any payment is made. Decisions of the judging organization are final, binding and conclusive in all matters. A player's sole remedy for any error or mistake by in connection with a wager placed on 's system shall be a replacement wager.

Inactive or Dormant Account

We recommend that you do not hold large amounts of Real Money in your Account for extended periods.

If you do not log in or out of your Account for twelve months, your Account is deemed inactive and you hereby authorize us to close and forfeit your remaining balance.

If no deposit transaction has been recorded on your Account for twelve months or more(whether you log in or not and actively placing wagers), then your Account is deemed dormant. We will limit your withdrawal to a maximum of $500 per transaction and we reserve the right to close your account. You will also be disqualified from claiming ALL no deposit bonuses, promotions and freeroll tournaments.