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You must place you bets before playing blackjack. At the completion of each hand of blackjack the previous bet will automatically be placed. You can choose to use this bet and click the "deal" button or change your bet (to increase your bet click on the different value chips in the left corner and to decrease your bet click on the chips in the middle of the table).

Game Actions

Hit - Draw another card.

Stand - Stop at the current total and take no more cards.

Double (Doubling Down) - This can only be done on a two card hand with a rank of 9 - 11 (before another card has been drawn). Doubling down allows you to double your bet but you can receive only one additional card to the hand.

Split (Splitting Pairs) - When you are dealt a matching pair of cards (numerical value, example: 6 and 6 or Queen and King) you have the ability to split the hand into two separate hands, and play them independently. You are allowed to split pairs 2 times during a game, except that you can not resplit on split Aces. When you split you bet the same amount as the initial bet again on the new hand/s (you will only be given the option to split pairs if you have enough money to cover the extra bets).

Insurance - If the dealer's shown card is an Ace the "Insurance" option will be offered and you can bet up to half your original bet amount. The dealer will check to see if their second card has a value of 10, and if they do have Blackjack, your winning Insurance bet will be paid at odds of 2:1. Insurance is a side bet that has no influence on the original bet. So if the dealer does have Blackjack you will win the Insurance bet but unless you also have Blackjack you will lose your original bet.

Auto Play

You can choose to use Auto Play - set your blackjack preferences and let the computer play for you. First you need to place your initial bet (this will be the bet amount that is used for each hand in autoplay). Then click on the "autoplay" button. You can then select the "number of deals" for the autoplay to do and when to stop (if you win or lose a certain amount of money).

Read below for details on Auto Play Strategy and Changing the Default Rules.

Auto Play Strategy

The blackjack autoplay strategy grid will show you the current strategy that autoplay will use when running. You can change the strategy to suit your preferred game play.

You will see on the left hand side a list that represents your hand. For example if you are dealt a {7 and a 9} you will have 16. This means the strategy will use the 3rd row from the top to use for its rules.

Which rule it then uses is decided by the dealers first card. If the dealer is dealt an 8, from the above grid you can see the autoplay function will HIT.

Please note that a 10, Jack, Queen and King all count as a 10.

On the left hand column you will also notice a section from Soft 20 to Soft 13. A SOFT hand is a hand that contains an Ace that at the time can be counted as an 11. For example:

Hand Value Soft
Ace, 8 19 or 9 Yes
Ace, 8, 10 Value Card 19 No
Ace, 6, 3 20 or 10 Yes
Ace, 5, 8 14 No
Ace, Ace, 8 20 or 10 Yes
Ace, Ace, 8, 8 18 No

Any soft hands as they contain an ace that can either be a 1 or 11, are chosen from this part of the guide. Again the dealer card is used to make the final decision.

The final section on the left hand column (pairs), are used when the first two cards you are dealt are the same. Remember, 10, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all the same for pairs. So a Jack and Queen is a pair.

Changing the Default Strategy Rules

Any rule can be changed by you. To change a rule, click on the one you want to change. A menu will appear.

The actions you can take change for different sections.

You can HIT and STAND on any grid decision. You can only DOUBLE, SURRENDER and SPLIT when you have two cards. When you have a third card you can no longer use these options.

You will see when you select double or surrender or split (for pairs) that the menu will become restricted (in the cards section, to 2 cards). You can then choose an option (under ELSE) for hands that are greater than 2 cards.

Using these options supplied to you in the menu you can make up many different decisions. Once you have changed one or more options you click the save button to save the options. If at any time you ever wish to revert to the default options, just click the "default" button at the bottom of the screen.

If you change a set decision from the default, a small black pointer will appear. This simply means you have changed this rule from the default rule.