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Settings, Performance & Explanations

How do I increase game performance?

If you want to increase the performance of the Bet on USA software, we recommend that you:

  • Use Single Window/Lobby Mode
  • Change Graphics Performance
  • Close any additional Programs you have running
  • Remove any Spy-ware from your computer

How do I change game window modes?

By default, the Bet on USA Software opens all new tables/games in new windows. To change the game window modes:

  • Click the "Settings" button in the Lobby
  • Click on the "Window" tab"
  • Under Game Window Mode select "Lobby Window" or "New Window"

If you select "New Window" you will also have Game Window Layout options - choose between "Single" or "2x2 Grid"

How do I adjust graphics performance?

With the Bet on USA software you can adjust the performance/graphic quality level and turn off animations.

  • Click the "Settings" Tab in the Lobby
  • Click the "Performance" tab
  • Slide the Graphics Performance bar to your desired level
  • To turn off animations, un-tick "Show Animations"

What are some other suggestion to help increase performance?

Try turning off other programs that are running in the background. These programs such as instant messenger, downloads/streaming audio or video can increase lag in dial up and low-end broadband connections.

Spyware and Adware - Bet on USA recommends removing all adware and spyware from your computer. These can cause problems when using the internet and can slow down even the fastest computers enough to affect your connection latency.

How do I get the floating chat window?

You can activate the large floating chat window two different ways.

  • From the Lobby - click on the 'Chat' button which can be located in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • When seated at a Table - the small chat window, located in the bottom left hand corner of screen, has a large toggle button marked with a RED cross. Click this button to activate the floating chat window.

What does tagging mean?

Tagging means you can assign another player a particular tag of your choice. The tag can be select from several possibilities to reflect the player being tagged.

Example Player Tags: Shark, Buddy, King, Easy

Once you have assigned a tag to a player you will be able to see when they are online. Currently the tagging option does not provide you with the specific table of where your tagged player is seated.

How do I tag a player?

There are two methods for tagging players:

  • Go to the Player Tag box located in the lobby. Click on the 'add' button and you will then be prompted to enter the player's nickname you wish to tag.
  • Whilst seated at a table simply click on the player's name tag and select your choice of player tag.

What does Plrs/flop mean?

This shows what percentage of players are staying in the game until at least the flop each hand.

What does Hands/Hr mean?

This tells you how many hands that table is playing every hour.

What does the Average Pot mean?

This is the average size of the pot being gambled, per hand, at each respective table.

What is the Waiting List?

The waiting list enables you to add yourself to a table that may already be full. The waiting list will notify you when a position at that table becomes available.

What do the different tournament tabs mean?

  • Scheduled - these are tournaments scheduled by Bet on USA to start at a specific time. Freerolls can be found under the scheduled tab.
  • Sit & Go - These are tournaments that will only start once the required number of players has been reached. Registered Sit N Go Tournaments are usually single table tournaments.
  • Satellites - These are tournaments that 'feed' winners into bigger tournaments. Satellites are held in various stages leading up to a large tournament such as a WPT, WSOP or Bet on USA special event.
  • Special - These are tournaments arranged by third parties and hosted by Bet on USA. For example if you have a local Poker club, you may like to hold an online tournament at Bet on USA - contact customer support.