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General Game Play & Tables

How do I start playing at community Poker Tables (Ring Games)?

In the Lobby select "Poker Tables", then choose "Texas Hold'em" or "Omaha" Poker from the tabs. Under each game tab you can view all tables or specific types (Limit, No Limit or Pot Limit). To play at specific table, click on a table and click open or double click on the table name.

To join a table click on any of the open seats designated by a chair icon.

You will then be prompted to enter the amount that you would like to take to the table from your wallet.

If the table you want to play at is full, you can go on a waiting list (click the 'waiting list' button). Your name will be added to the bottom of the list and as seats become available your name will move up the list. Once at the top of the list, if a seat becomes available you will be notified and you can then join.

You can play at up to 4 poker tables at the same time, plus any tournaments and blackjack. The different tables will be accessible from tabs across the top of the interface (between the "cashier" and "help" buttons).

What are Sit N Go Tournaments?

Sit N Go Tournaments are single table tournaments that require a buy in and entry fee. The buy-ins from all players creates the prize pool. All players who buy-in are given an equal amount of chips and are eliminated once all your chips are lost. The winner is the last player left.

Bet on USA offers a large variety of Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Sit N Go Tournament rooms. Players can also create custom Sit N Go Tournaments.

How do I make Custom Tables?

Custom Tables are tables that are created by players. Custom Tables can be open to all players or they can be password protected so that only people invited by the table creator can play.

To create a Custom Table:
Click on the Custom game tab and then click on create in the bottom left hand corner. A small window will open where you need to complete:

  • Name
  • Stakes (from the Drop Down Box)
  • Maximum number of players
  • Password (If you enter a password any players who wish to join must know the password. Only do this if you want a closed game)
  • Click on 'OK'
How long do I have for my turn?

Each player is given 15 seconds for their turn. If you don't make your time and the timer bar runs out you will be automatically folded and your status changed to "sitting out".

How do I Re-Buy?

If you want to get more money to a table without leaving you can click the "re-buy" button. This will allow you to re-buy any amount or up to the table limit. For limit games you can not re-buy an amount that will put your total on the table over the table limit. You will only be able to re-buy when you are folded, between hands or sitting out. You can not re-buy during a hand that you are still playing in.

Can I keep my seat at a table but not play? (Sit Out)

If you tick the "sit out" box you will keep your seat at the table but will not be included in the play until you choose to "sit in". However, you can only "sit out" at a table for 10 minutes before you are removed.

I was changed to Sitting Out when I didn't choose to?

If your status has changed to "sitting out" and you did not choose to "sit out" either you did not make you turn in time or you were disconnected. If you don't make your turn in time you will be folded and sat out.

If you have been disconnected from the game you will be put "all in dp". This means that you will not bet anymore money or have anymore turns, but you will be eligible to win the pot up until the point when you disconnected. If you have not reconnected before the start of the next hand your status will then be changed to "sitting out".

Can I Auto Post Blinds?

All players must post small blinds and big blinds. If a player has "auto post" selected then their blinds will automatically be paid when it is their turn to post the blinds. If "auto post" is not selected then the player will have to click the "post sb" or "post bb" button every time it is their turn to post a blind. Selecting "auto post" also speeds up game play.

"Auto post" is turned off by default and can be turned on/off in the "options" panel.

What does IB (Initial Blind) and Wait for BB (Big Blind) mean?

If you do not have "auto post" selected when you join or sit-in at a table you can choose to "Post IB (Initial Blind)" or "Wait for BB (Big Blind)". If you choose "Wait for BB" then you will not post any "initial blinds" (ib) or "return blinds" (rb), but instead wait until it is your turn to post the "big blind" before being dealt into the game. If you choose to "Post IB" then you will be dealt straight into the game and post an initial blind.

By default "wait for BB" is not selected and can be turned on/off in the "options" panel, but can only be turned on if "auto post" is not selected.

What does Show, Muck and Auto Muck mean?

If a player loses a showdown they can choose to "muck" their cards. This means that they lost, but choose not to show the other player their cards. A player can only muck if their turn comes after a winning hand in the showdown. You can also choose to "show" your cards even if you have lost.

If a player has "auto muck" selected then when they loose a showdown their cards with automatically be mucked if possible. "Auto muck" is turned off by default and can be turned on/off in the "options" panel.

What is Rabbit?

If a player wins a pot before all community cards have been dealt they have the option to Rabbit Hunt or "rabbit". To "rabbit" means to have the remaining community cards dealt to see what would have happened if the players decided to play on. When a player chooses to "rabbit" they must also show the rest of the players their cards.

You can only "rabbit" if you do not have "auto muck" selected.

Can I Pre-select Actions?

When it is not your turn you will be given the option of pre-selecting actions. If you pre-select an action, when it is your turn it will automatically do that action. The pre-select action box will appear above the hand description box and will only be visible when it is not your turn and will only show available actions.

Can I my view Game Stats and Hand History?

If you click on "stats" panel you can see the number of hands you have been dealt, how many you have won and how long you have been playing. By clicking the "more" button you can see details on Action Stats, Fold Stats and Win Stats.

To view your Hand History during a game click on the "history" button, located below the table. If you want to see your hand histories for all games, go to the "player admin" and click on the "hand history" button, then choose a date and the hands from that day's games will be displayed.

What is the Pot and Rake?

The pot is located in the centre of the table (below any community cards). The exact value of the pot is shown (in brackets) plus any money that is placed on the table during a betting round.

Our rake chart shows how we rake our games. When playing, if a small amount of the pot is moved to the left of the board cards then a rake has been taken. You will only be counted in a raked hand if you have contributed to the pot (bet or posted a blind). Sit N Go Tournaments also count towards rake. Every $1 spent on tournament entry fees = 1 raked hand (note - rake is counted on the entry fee, not buy in).

Can I keep notes on other players?

If you click on another player a window where you can type notes will appear. Once you have added your notes make sure you click "save notes" then "close". Once you have added some notes when you move your mouse over that player the notes will appear as a tooltip. Players who have entered their details in the cashier will have their country also show up as a tooltip.

What are Stars? And how do I get them?

The stars are awarded to loyal players and represent a player's ranking and accolades. Players earn stars by accumulating points. Points are earned by playing games, by playing tournaments and by winning good hands. Players can earn up to 3 bronze, silver or gold stars.

How do I hide my stars from other players?

Simply click on the 'Options' tab at the bottom left of your screen. Tick the 'Hide My Stars' box.

How do I get Trophies and Awards?

If you have won a freeroll then you can choose to display a trophy or award on your player box. If you win a $200 Freeroll then you can display a blue ribbon, if you win a $500 Freeroll you can display a medal and ribbon, and if you win a $3000 Freeroll you can display a trophy.

Can I play with a 4 Color Deck?

If you want to further distinguish the suits then you can choose to use a 4 color deck. When at a table in the "options" panel choose "4 color deck". This option gives each suit a different color: Spades stay black and Hearts stay red, while Diamonds become blue and Club become green.

What do the different tournament tabs mean?

Bet on USA holds a variety of different tournaments. Each tournament tab reflects the tournament rules and conditions.

  • Scheduled - these are tournaments scheduled by Bet on USA to start at a specific time. Bet on USA Freerolls can be found under the scheduled tab.
  • Sit & Go - These are tournaments that will only start once the required number of players has been reached. Registered Sit N Go Tournaments are usually single table tournaments.
  • Satellites - These are tournaments that 'feed' winners into bigger tournaments. Satellites are held in various stages leading up to a large tournament such as a WPT, WSOP or special event.
  • Special - These are tournaments arranged by third parties and hosted by Bet on USA. For example if you have a local Poker club, you may like to hold an online tournament at Bet on USA.