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 Tournaments, Freerolls and Rake

What are Freerolls and Tournaments?

Freeroll: A Freeroll is a Tournament with no buy-in or entry fee. Also does not allow for any re-buys.

Freezeout Tournament: A Freezeout Tournament is a Tournament where you can not re-buy.

What are the different kinds of Tournaments?

  • Scheduled - these are tournaments scheduled by Bet on USA to start at a specific time. Bet on USA Freerolls can be found under the scheduled tab.
  • Sit & Go - These are tournaments that will only start once the required number of players has been reached. Registered Sit N Go Tournaments are usually single table tournaments.
  • Satellites - These are tournaments that 'feed' winners into bigger tournaments. Satellites are held in various stages leading up to a large tournament such as a WPT, WSOP or Bet on USA special event.
  • Special - These are tournaments arranged by third parties and hosted by Bet on USA. For example if you have a local Poker club, you may like to hold an online tournament at Bet on USA - contact customer support.

What is my Freeroll Eligibility and what are Coupons?

Once you have qualified for a tournament, a pop-up message will advise you a coupon has been awarded and for which tournament you are now eligible to enter.

A list of coupons issued to your account can be found under the Coupons tab in the poker software. Once you have a coupon you can simply register for the corresponding tournaments.

To check your Freeroll eligibility, simply visit your 'Player Admin' page. Your 'Player Admin' page can be accessed from the poker software lobby.

Please check our Featured Tournaments section for our Freeroll listings, and visit our Tournaments Schedule for up to date schedule.

How do I register and de-register for Freerolls and Tournaments?

To register, simply double click on the Freeroll or Tournament that you wish to enter and click on the 'Register' button in the bottom right hand side of your screen.

You must ensure registration before the start time. For Freerolls and scheduled tournaments, registration usually begins 2 hours before and will finish 1 minute prior to commencement.

Sit N Go Tournaments also require registration; however there are no time limits. Registration begins when a table is available and will finish when the required player total is reached.

To unregister from any tournaments, click the 'Unregister' button in the tournament details. Any buy-in cost will be refunded if you de-register prior to commencement.

What happens if I am disconnected during a Freeroll or a Tournament?

If you are disconnected during a Freeroll or Tournament you can log in again and still have your seat. Keep in mind you will continue to post blinds during the time you are disconnected.

Can I watch Tournament tables?

In the tournaments details (choose the tournament and click "details") all of the tables being played at are listed in the "Tables" chart in the bottom left hand corner. Double click on a table name from the list to open that table. If you want to find the table a certain player is seated at, double click on the players name in "Players and Results" table.

What happens if a Freeroll or Tournament is Shutdown or Cancelled?

From time to time Freerolls and Sit N Go Tournaments may need to be shutdown or cancelled. If a tournament is shutdown then it will be rescheduled or bonus freerolls will be offered.

What is the Tournament Payout structure?

See Bet on USA's Tournament Payout structure.

What is Hand For Hand Mode and when does it happen?

Hand For Hand Mode is used in all Multi-Table Tournaments and allows all tables to play the same exact number of hands at critical times. The following chart is used to determine when Hand For Hand Mode will start and stop.

See Bet on USA's Hand For Hand Mode chart.

I am unable to register for a Tournament and am told that somebody already has with the same IP address

The way home networks are configured, players are not able to enter Tournaments at the same time as other players on the same network. Players can however with Private Tournaments & Sit N Go Tournaments.